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White Wine

CUVEE JEAN-PAUL £16.95 Cotes de Gasgogne 11.5%

Easy drinking blend of Colombard & Ugni Blanc grapes, well balanced, dry wine with good fruit.

Glasses: 250ml £5.95 175ml £4.30 125ml £3.85


CHENIN BLANC £17.95 Cape Heights, Western Cape, 13%

Aromatic wine from South Africa with succulent Fruit on the palate balanced with crisp acidity.

Glasses: 250ml £6.35 175ml £4.60 125ml £4.05


SAUVIGNON BLANC £17.95 Pays d'Oc, Bellefontaine 12.5%

A fresh dry French wine with lemon and tropical.aromas, fruity, followed by a long finish.

Glasses: 250ml £6.35 175ml £4.60 125ml £4.05


CHARDONNAY £18.50Montevista, Chile 13.5%

Fruit driven, un-oaked Chardonnay from the Maule Valley, rich, round and appealing.

Glasses: 250ml £6.50 175ml £4.70 125ml £4.10


GARGANEGA PINOT GRIGIO £18.50 Adria Vini, Venezie 12%

Lightly aromatic, easy to drink dry Italian wine with soft, lightly honeyed fruit and fresh finish.

Glasses: 250ml £6.70 175ml £4.95 125ml £4.35


Red Wines

CUVEE JEAN-PAUL £16.95 Vin de Pays Vaucluse 12%

Blend of Grenache & Syrah grapes in the southern Rhone give a fruity wine with warmth & spice.

Glasses: 250ml £5.95 175ml £4.30 125ml £3.85


SHIRAZ £17.95

Cape Heights, Western Cape 15%

Expressive South African fruit gives a ripe and juicy wine with dark fruit flavours and black peppernotes.

Glasses: 250ml £6.35 175ml £4.60 125ml £4.05


MERLOT £17.95 Pays d'Oc, Bellefontaine 14%

Grapes full of fruit give this Merlot from the south of France a good structure with a velvety finish.

Glasses: 250ml £6.35 175ml £4.60 125ml £4.05


MALBEC £18.95 Pays de la Haute Valle l’Aude 12.5%

Vibrant French Malbec with alluring fruit and well structured palate with integrated tannins.

Glasses:250ml £6.70 175ml £4.95 125ml £4.35


ANARES CRIANZA RIOJA £21.50 Bodegas Olarra, Spain 13%

Careful maturation by this acclaimed producer gives this Rioja many layers, with fruit and style.

Glasses: 250ml £7.50 175ml £5.40 125ml £4.70


Rose Wines

CUVEE JEAN-PAUL ROSE £16.95 Pays des Cotes de Gasgogne 11.5%

Southern French wine from predominantly Tannat grapes with a searching bouquet and full of fruit.

Glasses: 250ml £5.95 175ml £4.30 125ml £3.85


WHITE ZINFANDEL ROSE £19.50 The Big Top 10.5%

A delightful medium from the USA! Strawberries on the nose and palate which is packed with fruit.

Glasses: 250ml £6.85 175ml £5.00 125ml £4.40


Champagne & Sparkling Wine

GREMILLET £43.50 Brut Champagne 12%

Produced by family firm in the south of the region from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, complex.


PROSECCO FRIZZANTE SPAGO £20.95 Treviso, Italy 11%

Semi sparkling, from grapes grown on the hills of northern Italy. Aromatic, soft and delicate.



Delightful fizz in handy 200ml bottle.


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